Thursday, September 3, 2009


is on the streets NOW and available
to you HERE on East Village Howler.

Pick one up in person for FREE
at the following venues:

East Village:
The Bowery Poetry Club,
45 Bleecker Street Theater, St. Mark's Church
in-the-Bowery, Millennium Film Workshop,
St. Mark's Books,Nuyorican Poets Cafe,
Think Coffee, Sunshine Theater,
Bluestockings, Pianos, Living Room, Cake Shop,
Trash and Vaudeville (upstairs),Mission Cafe,
Anthology Film Archives, Sidewalk Cafe,
Lakeside Lounge, Life Cafe and more...

Beyond East Village:
Acme Undergound, Shakespeare & Co.,
Other Music, Angelica Film Center, Mercer Street Books, Housing Works Cafe,
McNally Jackson, ACA Gallery, Hotel Chelsea and more...

Spoonbill & Sugartown,Sideshow Gallery,
Supercore Cafe, Public Assembly, Bliss Cafe, Spike Hill,
Soundfix/Fix Cafe
Greenpoint Coffee House, Matchless, Thai Cafe, Champion Cafe

(Cover Credit: Allen Ginsberg Estate, Allen Ginsberg,
206 East 7th St. NYC Fall 1953. Photo snapped by William Burroughs.
Used with permission. All rights reserved.
Copyright Allen Ginsberg Estate.)


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