Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In and Around Tompkins Square Park: B/SIDE, WHAT ABOUT ME

Friday, September 18, 7:00 PM
All screenings are at the Millennium Film Workshop,
66 East 4th Street, NY NY 10003.
Programs are subject to change.
Advance Tickets: www.brownpapertickets.com/event/79727
Admission: $10

In and Around Tompkins Square Park

B/SIDE, 1996, directed by Abigail Child. Color and b/w, sound, 40 min. 16mm print courtesy of the New York Film-Makers’ Cooperative.
“Framed by on New York's Lower East Side, where some of the homeless of Tompkins Square Park settled after the riots of June 1991, the movie begins with the encampment's first night and ends with the fire and subsequent destruction of the lot in October of the same year. Applying rhythmic construction, poetic license and a generous eye to bodies in poverty, B/SIDE documents a gritty vision of late 20th century urban life.” (New York Film-Makers’ Cooperative Catalogue)

Introduction by Rachel Amodeo, filmmaker:
WHAT ABOUT ME, 1993, directed by Rachel Amodeo. Cast: Rachel Amodeo, Judy Carne, Gregory Corso, Richard Edson, Richard Hell, John Peter Melendez, Jerry Nolan, Dee Dee Ramone, Rockets Redglare, Johnny Thunders, Nick Zedd. B/W, sound, 87 min. 16mm print courtesy of the New York Film-Makers’ Cooperative.
“WHAT ABOUT ME tells the story of a young woman, Lisa Napolitano (Rachel Amodeo), who through uncontrollable circumstances, finds herself homeless in New York City. The film portrays her gradual deterioration as she exists on the streets, intermingling with outcasts of society. Along the ways she encounters a shell-shocked Vietnam veteran, Nick (Richard Edson); a nihilistic east-villager, Tom (Nick Zedd); and a sympathetic good samaritan, Paul (Richard Hell). WHAT ABOUT ME was shot on location in the Lower East Side and Tompkins Square Park.” (New York Film-Makers’ Cooperative Catalogue)

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