Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There Just Aren’t Enough Letters in the Alphabet to Describe Howl! Festival's Esteemed Guest Poets Susan Scutti, Amy Ouzoonian and Thomas Fucaloro

No two poets are alike, but we know three poets who have all, very recently, suffered comparable misfortune. Susan Scutti, Amy Ouzoonian and Thomas Fucaloro had their names misspelled on various Howl! Festival press materials and even on this blog. No doubt each of them will interpret the adversity with great individuality.  Hopefully, they will exploit the incident creatively and for all to enjoy, rather than internalize the pain and bear it alone, wordlessly.

Susan Scutti, Amy Ouzoonian and Thomas Fucaloro, among others, will be appearing at the Howl! Festival’s opening night reading of the Allen Ginsberg poem, “Howl,” in Tompkins Square Park on Friday, September 10th, from 5-7PM.  Below is a little background information on these three fine rhymesters, as well as photos.

Once you know what they look like and how to spell their names, it might be nice to approach them at the festival and impart some empathy regarding this flagrant inaccuracy. Remind them that this exact, same faux pas happens daily to Allen Ginsberg, long after his physical suffering has ended.  Alan Ginsberg, Allan Ginsberg, Allen Ginzberg, Allen Ginsburg, Alan Ginzburg, Allan Ginsburg – it’s exasperating. 

It is, however, much easier to speak the one name Allen Ginsberg than it is to pronounce the three names Susan Scutti, Amy Ouzoonian and Thomas Fucaloro.


Susan Scutti writes poems, stories and novels. Her work has appeared in The  New York Quarterly,  Philadelphia  Poets, The Paterson  Literary ReviewThe Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, Aloud: Nuyorican Poets Cafe Anthology and The Unbearables Anthologies. Three Rooms Press published her chapbook, We Are Related and she's also published two novels, Second Generation and A Kind of Sleep. Check her out at http://susanscutti.wordpress.com/

Susan Scutti

Amy Ouzoonian is a poet, yoga instructor, performance artist and editor of A Gathering of the Tribes magazine issue #13. She lives and creates in Manhattan.

Amy Ouzoonian
Thomas Fucaloro likes puppies, kittens and large monsters that haunt your dreams but leave in tact your spirit.  He has a book coming out next month through Three Rooms Press titled "Inheriting craziness is like a soft halo of light, everyone's got one but no one can see it."  Thomas thinks his legs look better with pumps rather than heels.  Thomas really really really likes Allen Ginsberg.

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