Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photographer Lawrence Schwartzwald Shares Howl! Photos with the Howler!

New Yorkers know Lawrence Schwartzwald as the photographer who always seems to get one-of-a-kind shots of celebrities on the street.  Whether it's outside Barney's on Madison Avenue, or inside Central Park, or perhaps at a gallery in Chelsea or Soho, Lawrence Schwartzwald often seems to be the only photographer who finds himself in these right places at the right times, and he gets the money shots.  We inevitably see these exclusives in the New York Post, as well as throughout the world, syndicated by Splash News.  We are truly honored that he attended the Howl! Festival with his camera (!) and has offered to share some of these amazing shots with us for the East Village Howler!

Thanks, Lawrence!  Below is a great shot he took of poet Anne Waldman at the festival's opening night event in Tompkins Square Park on Friday, September 10th.  More to come!

Poet Anne Waldman
Photo by Lawrence Schwartzwald

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