Saturday, June 1, 2013

House of HOWL! Presents Riki Colon’s Men In Skirts: Saturday 6/1, 5:30-7PM

The Great HOWL! Stage
(Enter East 7th Street & Avenue A) 

Saturday June 1st, 5:30–7 PM:

The House of HOWL! Presents Riki Colon’s Men In Skirts  
“And Still I Rise.”

With roots that stretch back to the famed “Black & Tan” Clubs of the Harlem Renaissance and forward to embrace the influx of disaffected GLBT street youth of color in the 70s and early 80s who found their voice in NYC Ballhouse Culture, this streetwise  oeuvre enters the 21stCentury strong and vibrant. Mixing high fashion with the mean streets of the barrios, And Still I Rise, produced by Riki Colon, includes work by Freddie De Jesus and the legendary Cesar Valentino, the premiere voguer with the late Willy Ninja’s “House Of Ninja” The dance style made famous in the seminal film, Paris is Burning. An international cast of singers, dancers, and drag performers strut their stuff, set to a soundtrack of House and energetic urban pop music.  

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