Wednesday, July 17, 2013


All over Spain and the Latin world you will find them. Delicious morsels of fried dough. Like sweet pretzels, you'll often find them sold by street vendors, the mixture of flour, water. yeast and sometimes shortening. Similar to the beignet, the crueller, the American donut… They can be sold filled with fruit and guava, glazed, covered in sprinkled sugar or dipped in chocolate…

Here in the US, they are less well known, at least among the masses. However due to the recent influx of Pan-Latin restaurants and bistros, they are quickly becoming popular in the United States.  Associated with the Socarrat Restaurants is their most recent offering: La Churreria, where, among many other simple Spanish foods and snacks, you will find a virtual temple dedicated  to worship of the Churro.
  Little wonder churros are often called Spanish Doughnuts. And excellent to nibble at while watching a movie or two. Seated before the Big Screen, they are deliciously easy to eat, wrapped in paper, held in one hand, small and tasty, while watching the story before you unfold, larger than life.

On Thursday August 8th, beginning at 6 PM, celebrating Spanish culture with the music of the Rebeca Vallejo and the acclaimed film, "Chico and Rita", scored by the amazing and brilliant Bebo Valdés, you'll also be able to experience that small Spanish wonder that is La Churreria's Churro…  in an evening brought to you by Spain Culture New York, Pragda and Cineart Spain. 
The experience will be entirely unforgettable.

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